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What If I'm Pregnant?

What If I'm Pregnant?

Item #: PPP10010

Item Code #: PPNY01WH1925

ISBN #: 1-934100-41-6

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What If I’m Pregnant? provides information to women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering their choices of parenting, adoption, or abortion. Considerations women may face include parenting with or without a partner, open or closed adoptions, in-clinic or medical abortions, and more.


  • Comprehensive booklet with all options include
  • Self-checklists for women who are considering parenting, adoption, or abortion
  • 6th grade reading level
  • Published 2015

View Sample publication here.

SKU PPP10010
ISBN 1-934100-41-6
Item Code PPNY01WH1925

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